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Crystalline Soul Incantation for Financial Abundance

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

"I asked Deborah to channel a Financial Abundance Incantation to help me to move forward with my life as I felt stuck. The Incantation really worked for me. I felt so calm, centered and peaceful. After two weeks of listening to it, I got a job offer, for a position I was previously turned down in March. I am very pleased with this. This is not a magic spell. This redirects energy in the right places and opens up doors of opportunity. It is up to you to walk through them! I love Deborah's work and I highly recommend working with her!" - Adriana Gonclaves May 2015

Crystalline Soul Incantations use colour, tone, pitch, Crystal bowls and the intonation of light language to assist personal growth, direction & ascension. These are powerful healing & clearing sounds.

This is an edited version of a personal Soul Incantation that I did for the above client who was feeling devalued at work and had felt so for a period of years. She wanted to find a route to financial abundance that might take her into a new job and better pay.

A Crystalline Soul Incantation is created and then a 1-to-1 session is held to guide the person through the incantation. We will use colour, sound, and Energy techniques such as EFT to assist the clearing and attunment to the Incantation.

Each incantation is a personal resonance map that directs that individual persons energy through a series of clearing and building, or repatterning.

Firstly there may be a Clearing of old patterns and energetic remembrances that may be blocking the cohesive harmonic alignment of the conscious and subconscious mind - this interferes with any advancement or progression in manifesting the truest desires of the person.

Once the energy blocks are cleared, the pathway is open to allow a resonance from a position of clarity, here and now, with the desired outcome or area of progress.

These incantations map places in time & space, traversing personal and interpersonal timelines.

They can assist an individuals path, or that of a shared couple or group.

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