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Spring into Action

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Spring is in the air - and that often initiates many of us to look forwards - and to think about what it is we are hoping for and dreaming about achieving in the warmer summer months.

But the seasons and the weather are also symbolic of our deeper personal and spiritual life.

All things have a cycle - and as one comes to an end, the seeds are often sown for the next period of new growth and change!

Even if we don't think too hard about it - we feel it in our bones!

The spring heralds new possibilities and new growth for us all.

If we are positive and forward looking, we may be making many plans for what we hope to do, and planning how we are going to achieve them.

If we are feeling less positive, we may be wondering how we are going to move forwards. Perhaps wondering how we can make a change, and move out of what is making us feel 'stuck'.

In either of these situations, it is good to consider if we are holding onto any baggage we want to let go of, and what, if anything, may be holding us back, or making us feel stuck?

What simple changes might make a large difference?

Setting achievable goals, creating positive thoughts and aspirations around our hopes, and being aware of any negative thoughts that we hold, which might be subtly undermining all the good work and efforts we are engaging in, are good aspects of our own inner, personal housekeeping.

So as you begin your proverbial 'spring clean' in your house and garden. As you de-clutter the things you have outgrown in your wardrobe and your home, as you dig up old plants and prepare the beds of your new spring flowers, consider what aspects of your inner life might benefit from the same TLC.

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