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The 12 Strand Series - Divine DNA

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Inspiration and Awakening

Contemplating the beauty of the Tuscan landscape earlier this year, whilst on a Colour Mirror and Astrology course, I had a revelatory experience - almost an awakening as such.

I felt a 'calling', which almost seemed to come from the Earth. It was a contact with the primal ellements within her which reached out and touched me in a particularly profound way.

My connection with Crystals has really focused and led me over the last several years to experience new and exciting changes in my life. Linking me to a deeper sense of who I am, connecting me with a new found empowered life and directing my on-going search for wholeness and wellness.

There in the medieval landscape it was as though the Earth spoke to me - very clearly - telling me that it was time.

Time to awaken the sleeping cells within my body.

Time to link out and make contact with others who were experiencing the same wake up call.

It was a complete download, that seemed to make absolute sense to me.

At the same time, I also received a new awareness that not only a part of the Earth is made up of precious Crystalline material, but that indeed the greater part of the Earth's body is made of Crystal.

It seemed that her body was calling out to me - telling me the truth of all that she really is - and I recognised that I completely resonated with the thought and the new awareness that she is indeed made largely of Crystal.

I felt it as her bones - that they were singing and calling out to now be heard.

I received her song within the hollow chambers of my own bones.

Instantly, I remember feeling so grateful that the Earth in her Wisdom had kept her secret chambers hidden and mainly innaccessible to humans! Imagine the destruction and carnage that we would have caused before now if we found these precious seams and chambers of Crystals within her - we would have long ago plundered and ravaged her, destroying both our own and her potential blooming.

For I recognised instinctively that this sharing of her inner self was a call to awaken even further the self-awareness of my own, indeed all of our own hidden inner essence.

It was a call to awaken and reunite the crystalline bones of the Mother and her Children.

Allowing the Unfoldment of knowledge

Next I received a list of colour mirror bottles which were to be created, and quickly after that the information that it was to be a 12 month unfolding process - an initiation if you like - and that it was to commence on 10th October, 2015.

The dates and information were specific - but that no longer surprises me!

I contacted melissie, who creates the Colour Mirror Bottles in South Africa, and am excited to share that the bottles are now created and sitting patiently within my therapy room.

They seem to be quietly making connections and whispering to one another. Sometimes I get a small glimpse of a new awareness that they shine out towards me.

To be completely honest, at first, it was rather scary for me, as I felt that I needed to create a whole training for something which I was unsure about. I had some information - but certainly was no authority on this. Sometimes at these moments I find myself questioning why I am hearing, receiving, doing all of this - but the voice is barely audible these days, as I have learnt to laugh at my 'not knowing' - to let it go. To reply to that stubborn ego-bound desire with a hearty laugh in the recognition that I have learnt so much and blossomed in ways that I could never have experienced had I listened to that doubtful questioning inner voice over the last several years.

The Crystals taught me that right from the beginning - it was one of the first and hardest lessons.

To let go of the doubting conscious mind that desires to 'hold on to' structures, facts, figures and its perceived 'certainties'.

It was well over a year before I confessed to the first person that the crystals spoke to me - and told me what I needed to know. But in that first year they taught me quietly to listen and not doubt them - and in so doing they opened up new ideas, possibilities and the journey to a most profound personal healing.

Now they have quietly assured me that I am here to hold the space of this 12 month unfoldment process and that those who will hear the calling will present themselves.

It is a process of listening and trusting.

Of acting on the still and quiet voice we hold within.

Of letting go of the need to 'control' and direct action.

Of allowing the cells within to open up and receive the deeper wisdom of the All - and all of that greatness that lies beyond the limits of the old self...

The 12 month process

Every month you will be sent 2 colour mirror bottles (the last month is 1 only), a Crystal Moon Essence and a Metatron Spray.

We will meet monthly via webinar, and experience the opening of the 12 doorways that are part of the Divine DNA process.

The webinars will be recorded and available for you to keep.

I will be sharing the information that I am being presented with in relation to this process and we will explore it together.

Energy attunements and meditations will occur monthly.

A personal Soul Incantation and Entrainment will also be a part of the 12 month process.

The main cost of this course is in the materials that you will receive monthly (the Colour Mirror Bottles, Crystal Moon Essences and Metatron Sprays), with a small cost towards the hosting and production of supporting materials.

If you would like to be a part of this unfoldment - please do contact me,

Light filled Blessings



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