Updated: Oct 5

Have you noticed a difference in your eating habits recently?

We have experienced huge dietary, emotional and mental changes during lock down - but even beyond this, we may recognise that our lifestyles have changed from our 'old' normal routines.

But has the 'nature' of the foods you are attracted to changed during those times of uncertainty, great change and 'stress'?

Stress attracts us to 'sugar' foods.

Whether they be refined or complex, and if we are stressed we may be craving 'sugars' of any type.

This is a natural biological response to Stress - in fact it is a great indicator for you to remember to ask yourself "What might I be stressed about?"- if you find yourself suddenly and unexplainably reaching for sugary or carb-based foods more frequently.

The body needs certain chemicals to initiate and maintain biological responses when in a state of 'stress'. These will provide the energy and the fuel for the body to be able to respond to a stressful intervention. This is because the body is literally preparing itself to engage in something we might call a 'survival response' when we are stressed - perhaps it may need to escape if the situation becomes more difficult, or it may even need to engage in a fight!

Some theories suggest that when we are 'triggered' into a state of stress, that we automatically go-to a 'survival' based response. Whilst this may be true in the immediate moment of a stress trigger, our modern human experiences of stress tends to be 'longer-term'. And therefore the body also initiates subtle requests for 'other' foods that can help us on a different level to those 'stress-induced' sugar responses.

The body recognises these different levels of 'needs' precisely because it IS multi-dimensional, and can therefore operate on levels beyond those of 'survival-only'.

Given situations of 'prolonged stress', the body requires the energetics that exist in "EARTH FOODS"!

Earth FOODS are an aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Herbal formulas are the medicine of Earth Foods. But we can also 'eat' EARTH FOODS through our own daily food choices.

I hope this short log helps you to recognise that this 'craving' for EARTH FOODS is a natural biological response - not only to feed the chemical 'stress' hormones of our 'survival' body - but to literally connect into the nourishment that EARTH FOODS can provide for us on higher operational levels - those that may also feed our subtle body, our mind and spirit.

EARTH FOODS will help us to become more rooted.

They help us to connect into the energetics of the Earth and to receive the elemental energy the earth naturally provides.

This is a real resource that we can CHOSE to work with - if we want to do so.

One of the great, subtle and healing Earth foods are Truffles and Mushrooms. The earthy nature of Mushrooms is second to none, and their healing abilities only recently being better understood.!


Earth Food energy is Yin. It reminds us of all of the energetic traits that we associate with the Earth and with the Feminine Energetic Principle. For example, they remind us how it feels to be nourished, nurtured, and "held" in a way that the 'primal mother' might hold a new born, vulnerable child. This Yin principle anchors us to a 'core', a central inner zone.

To be clear, I do understand that some of us have not experienced our own "mothers" energy in this way, but I am talking about the 'primordial' essence of motherhood which is resonant with the Earth Energy itself. I am not necessarily referring to our individual experiences of mothers, although if you do have a positive memory or remembrance of this type of energy, it can also be a useful resource!

By the way, if you have a strained mother-daughter relationship that you would like to work on healing, I recommend Wendy Fry's Book "Mothers and Daughters", which you can purchase HERE.