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EBOLA - A World Healing Prayer

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

A Sound, Colour and Crystal Bowl Healing to bring a Soulful intention of love and healing to the World at this time. This dis-ease does not only affect those who carry the virus or their families, but every one of us. We are all intimately connected, and borders of Countries, edges of landmasses and Continents and the deepest waters do not separate us. We can carry a shared pain, or a shared healing. We can perpetuate fearful disempowerment, or rise our voices to claim our true power.

We can manifest this power in many different ways.

Today I raise my voice to call to arms the great power that is present in the ability of each and every one of us, to join together in Prayer and Intent: To breath through the vibrant centre of our Hearts and send that Healing Energy of Love out into the World.

Please set your intention before you begin to watch this video. This is a healing moment.

Focus your breath into and out of your Heart Centre. Keep your breath in a constant flow, in and out.

Focus on the centre of the screen and allow the energy of the sound and colour to connect with your heart and intention.

The Words that appear at the bottom of the screen are an automatic writing, completed on the first listening of the audio track.

It is not a translation of the Sound Healing.

Only a personal response.

May our hearts join as one and our purest and highest intent find rightful and light-filled manifestation.


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