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The Palatial Chakra and Foods - Tuning into our Natural Environment

Food is one of the most crucial ways that we gain extra ‘energy’ from the environment. In TCM we recognise that we have an innate energy (our ‘jing’) and also then gain post heavenly jing through the breath and through the foods we eat - both are activities associated with the Palatial Chakra (in the 12 Chakra System). The quality of both of these elements influences the quality of energy that is available to us for our daily functions. The foods we eat also connect us into our environment in subtle ways that influence the energetic networks within our body.

Emotional & Social Connections

Fundamentally, food is associated with our emotions as well as our 'connection' to our social group. Feelings of connection and the 'ties' which 'feed us' are important when we eat. Essentially, we should be eating with those we feel most happy and safe to be around. They are our 'tribe' and are part of the nutritional intake that sustains us. Joyful eating is an important energetic part of what and how we ingest and digest our foods. Loving, laughing and appreciating the company we keep when we eat tells our body that we are safe and therefore our body is given the signal that it can obtain full nourishment from what we are consuming.

Food Energetics

Within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), foods themselves contain energetic properties which are related to different organs - and of course the different organs are themselves associated with different emotions.

For example, the Spleen is associated with the emotion of worry. Any emotional imbalance in this area might lead to food preferences of sugary or carb based food groups. This would indicate a Spleen imbalance to any practitioner of TCM. In equal and oppositional energetic terms, the emphasis on carb-rich and sugary foods which is propounded in Western society means that the Spleen is placed under a huge amount of stress - and this also means that many TCM Practitioners see Spleen imbalance as a major contributor to imbalance and diseases in clinical practice!

The different organs have ‘preferences’ for certain food energetics - and therefore, foods can be intuitively chosen for their innate subtle energy properties. This includes not only the nutrients within food, but the core subtle energy properties they may hold. Such as the amount of ‘sun energy’, or the air quality, or even the quality of the water molecules that have gone into it when it was growing. These types of energetic qualities are inherent in foods, which hold the vibrations of the local environment in which it was grown. The importance of the environment is central to organic food production practices and also to bio-dynamic farming practices.

When we recognise that foods hold such intricate and important energetic messages for our body, we can begin to consider foods as a natural medicine. A way of bridging the inner needs of our body with the outer 'gifts' that nature provides.

Forced growing, unseasonal produce, pesticides and other un-natural additions to foods, along with a propensity for most people to eat processed or sugar-laden foods has masked this intuitive ability to eat for most people. However, it is a natural ability that we have developed throughout the evolution of human beings.

There is a ‘field’ available for us to reconnect to, if we chose to begin to ‘let go’ of the toxins and unhealthy inputs that we currently consume and the unhealthy farming practices and methods of food production that were have, over time, learned to 'put up with’.

Issues with the Palatial Chakra

Blockages that is associated with the Palatial Chakra include

  • Sinuses

  • Loss of Taste

  • Loss of Smell

  • Heightened Smell

  • Heightened Taste

  • Ongoing blocked or runny nose

  • Excess Phlegm in the nose or throat

  • Adenoid issues

  • Tonsil issues

Issues are specific to the person, and often associated with past events or traumas that have 'set up' how the body is holding an imbalance in this area. Working with EFT, MTT or Matrix Re-imprinting are all ways to address how the body is holding on to the past and affecting our health NOW (in the present).

A session that looks at the META PERSPECTIVE of any of these issues will help to identify the timeline and cause of any such imbalances. Energetically, they also indicate a Palatial issue, which affects how easily we feel we are able to connect with our environment, and how safe we feel in our social environment - our family group - or our peer group.

Many of our fears, or feelings of being unsafe will go back to childhood - or earlier. This tends to be when these type of energetic imbalances are formed. Working energetically with these formative years, along with a deeper understanding of how and why the body is acting (or re-acting) in a specific way can be deeply healing!

Nourish the Palatial Chakra

As you start your journey of rebalance and nourishment of the Palatial Chakra, here are several ways that you might consider making changes:

  • Address any Residual Emotional Events or Traumas

  • Release Somatic Memories from the body

  • Uncover and assess the Belief Molecules that are keeping you sick or afraid

  • Practice techniques that Activate the Palatial Chakra

  • Find ways to embrace balance through your breath and your foods - this may be through HeartMath Breathing (join the MBD group) or through using Food Energetics as a way to rebalance habitual imbalances of food choices.

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