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"The Pledge" - A Soul Incantation using Sound, Crystal Singing Bowls and Colour

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

A Soul Mate Pledge Incantation

using the blessed and divine tones of the Anchi and the Rhodocrosite Crystal Singing Bowls and light language.

The words shown in the video are written in automatic style, but only after the Incantation was completed. They are only there to suggest an imprint of the energetic information - it is not a translation.

The best way to allow yourself to receive the information is to focus your breath in a steady count of 5 both in and out and fix your gaze to the image without trying to 'see' what is on the screen.

The Light language you hear is a series of sounds and tones that speaks to the Soul directly.

It is an energetic language that helps us to bypass the mind and listen to the heart and soul of the communication.

I can create personalised incantations for you - using crystal energy, crystal singing bowls, tone, sound, colour and an individually transmitted light language message.

They are a beautiful way to assist healing on an energetic level between people, places, and time.

Here are some testimonials:

“I have found listening to and absorbing the audio file to be a profound experience. Absolute expansion in all directions it feels like.”

“Before listening to the file I felt something like resistance but it was like waiting while an opening was being made, I would say in the crown of my head, so I was able to receive that type of message.”

Please contact Crystal Moon Essences for further details.

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