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The Power of Colour mirrors

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

It is fair to say that I have been acutely aware that my evolutionary path has seemed to increase exponentially since I started working around the Colour Mirror Bottles!

The Spiritual and Emotional shifts that occur with each colour session are often profound but are also often recognisable almost instantly.

The cognitive shifts are not just cerebral, but 'essential'. What I mean by that is they move through the energy field and become incorporated into our understanding on a multi-dimensional, deeply profound level.

However, it was not until the Advanced Practitioner course that I discovered how powerful that 'essential' energy is and how directly it links into the physical body.

Here is a description of the 'physical release' that I recently experienced through a Colour Mirrors Healing session.

My Healing Experience:

Before the session started, my anticipation was not one of excitment or relaxation...I knew that the shifts were going to be huge the moment my instinct was to 'run out of the room'!

Trying to avoid whatever my unconscious mind knew was about to be presented and expressed to me through the Colour combinations I had chosen and had placed on the ground before me.

However, I also knew that this energy, however fearful it made me feel, had arisen because now was the time to just 'let it go'!

With a supportive and loving practitioner, and a safe place to lay down, the energy healing began: this technique was to use the Colour Mirror Bottles around and upon the body, as directed by the person receiving the healing (myself).

As soon as the healing started, I was aware of a huge expansive energy that was filling the left side of my body - reducing the right side to a constricted energy that was only able to flow around the top right quarter of my head - especially around my right eye.

We had been working previously with the masculine and feminine energies within our left / right body - and I knew instinctively that this energy was fighting to find a rebalance within me!

The feminine energy started kicking and screaming - attacking the male energy, which became cornered just within my head area.

I actually felt the energy as 'blows' to that part of myself!

The emotional and physical release of this energy battle was huge - my body shook and vibrated uncontrolably for up to 20 minutes and tears streamed down my face. The release came in waves that rolled over my body, causing fits and convulsions that palpitated through me, wave after wave.

Through the intensity of the internal experience that was encountered, the presence and non-judgmental acceptance of the Colour Mirror Practitioner created a grace filled space that allowed the release of this energy and the transformation to happen.

How might this type of healing be experienced by others?

Everybodies experience is totally unique and personal to them.

However there are certain experiences that are commonly shared:

The colour bottles may be experienced as creating waves of cool and warm energies that envelope the body as it moves through the layers of processing that is required.

Sometimes the colours are very present within the mind of the client - sometimes they are experienced as 'seen', sometimes just as a 'knowing'.

In fact, during this type of healing, it is the client who directs what colours and bottles are required where upon the body. The healing is completely self-directed, with the practitioer placing and removing the required bottles, holding the space, asking gentle guiding questions and sometimes energising the colour by using their hands to direct the energy healing.

We may receive 'moments' of recognition of the part of ourselves that is being released - we may question and engage in this process, and we may gain an insight into the events around the energy being released; alternatively, we may also chose to trust that we can just 'let go' and allow the process to guide itself without the need for any conscious involvment on our part...

Sometimes, one of the greatest gifts to us may be that these shifts occur without the need for us to continue to get invoved in the 'story' or its retelling. This can be particularly helpful in cases of severe trauma, where a person does not want to re-visit the event.

Even in less traumatic cases, we can feel that we have 'had our fill' of the story we have been living in - that we just want to forget it and move beyond it...after all, we have already lived through these experiences and the energetic imprints and behaviours they have instilled within us! It may be that we no longer need or want to remain in them any longer!

What a relief it is then, that we may integrate them into our being - our full physical / emotional / Spiritual being - in a gentle, but powerful healing experience with Colour!

Yes, even though we may have some physical or emotional releases that seem severe at the time, in relation to the whole, that release is a welcome flowing of the energy out and into its processable parts.

After all, isn't it our essential purpose to witness our experience?

To allow ourselves to learn from them and then integrate that learning into our cells - our body - our whole being?

Not just our head and mind...

Why else would be living in this physical body, if it were not essential to the whole process?

Because even a Spiritual, or Evolutionary process is 'essential' within the physical body...

"The Pledge" - A Soul Incantation using Sound, Crystal Singing Bowls and Colour


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