After Identifying those Emotional Triggers - What then?

Updated: 3 days ago

Most of us would say that we recognise what emotion is - we would say that we know it because we can 'feel' it.

Happiness, sadness, joy and grief are all bound into the fabric of our lives from childhood and beyond - yes even back into the womb!

Our Emotional Links occur within the womb

Spiritual or religious ideas have long held that we are more than the sum of the newly creating cells of life found in an embryo, that we are a divine expression of a greater spirit that is more expansive than the physical 'parts' that are being formed within the womb.

The work of Bruce Lipton and other areas of Spirit Science research suggests this is also true. We will look at how, on an individual level, and also on a collective level, we are all living within a complex set of energy patterns that we are unconscious of.

Some more scientific ideas have suggested that the new cells forming within an embryo should not 'feel' anything in the womb, that they/we were just an unconscious mass of cells and tissues in the process of making and becoming the completed form of who we are now.

This idea that we do not exist as a consciously 'feeling' being may be true to some extent, and I do not pretend to know the answer to the question of if or when our consciousness emerges within the physical body - but does this idea become less true when we consider that 'unconsciousness' is not a measure of 'life' itself!? Or that we experience ourselves firstly, as a higher group of thoughts and energy/mind patterns before they are processed and we experience them as emotional or physical 'feelings' which we do through the ongoing development of the emotional and then the physical body. In addition, there is increasing evidence that more and more people are tracing their current life purpose back to its origin within the womb.

We all recognise that we still 'exist' even when we are momentarily within the sphere of unconsciousness which happens for many parts of our life: during sleep and even wakeful states of semi-consciousness; as babies and children as we grow and develop we usually move through a range of brain-waves that move our mind slowly from the less conscious state of babies found within Delta waves (at less than 4hz) activity, into the everyday fully conscious waking state of most adults operating in Beta waves (13-30hz). It is precisely within the brain frequency of unconscious thought that our early minds, in Delta waves are absorbing and making brain synapse connections that will inform and later direct our conscious thinking. These include the synapse connections that babies experience through all of their senses - smell, sound, colour etc.

We acquire all of this information as little packets of 'data' during every moment when as a baby, both before and after birth, we are learning what it is to be within our 'safe' environment.

'Safe' is a perception of each individual - what is thought safe by some, is not thought safe by others, however, the overriding criteria for us all in deciding what is 'safe', is the connection we have with what is familiar.

Safe is the repetitive sound of a mothers heartbeat, or a fathers voice. Safety is a perception held up by the fact that we have indeed 'survived' and are still alive. This is why children or abused individuals that are considered to be in 'unsafe' relationships or environments by external people, will still chose to remain with their abusers or attackers - because ultimately they are feeling 'more safe' with what and who they know, than if they left the safety of the known.

During the period within the womb, babies will begin to experience emotional states; for example when the pregnant mother hears the sound of another persons voice whom she loves, it will set off a release of 'happy hormones' within the mothers body; an abusive partner however, or a traumatic experience will equally create fear hormones, such as cortisol, and this would create a fear response to be felt within the growing baby in utero.

Although it is difficult for us to know if there is a set 'time' that the spirit or consciousness of an individual enters the growing physical body in the womb (that is if we assume it is not 'always there' from the start), research into energistics, epigenetics and the 'molecules of spirit' continue and we can see that the biology of emotion is a key component to moulding our emotions and our life experiences - these experiences continue to confirm and re-affirming our own thoughts and beliefs, by continually showing us that our past experiences are 'true' (through our own assessment of our own 'truth'), we continue to set up and perpetuate the patterns that grow with familiarity due to repetition. These repeating patterns, whether we experience them as good or bad, continue to affect our future. Knowing we are strong enough to overcome our obstacles is a pattern that becomes evident in the life of a person who believes that. Always being 'walked over' is evidenced again and again in the life of someone who believes this to be true. Never falling in love with the right person, not being clever enough to work things out, never being recognised for the effort being made - all of these are self-perpetuating truths that we tell ourself unconsciously in most cases, which were potentially set right from our first unconscious experiences within the womb.

These thoughts and belief cycles may continue for as long as they continue to be part of our daily life experiences - they are 'true' to our unconscious mind, and therefore they remain within our unconscious patterns and continuing to search out all those experiences in our life which continue to prove that 'truth'. Over time, and reinforced via many repeated experiences, we have created a pattern which itself operates as a strong 'wave pattern' - in affect, we have created an 'energy pattern', or an energy field within which we are comfortably held, due to familiarity. Some of those fields may be influencing our lives in very happy and positive ways - someone who is always expecting positive outcomes is rarely disappointed, because that is what they are attuned to 'see'. This particular habit (of expecting positive outcomes) or energy field is not one that would necessarily want to be changed. However, some of our energy fields are holding us in painful or destructive patterns, and can seem very hard to break out of, even if we do not like the outcomes of some of those energy fields!

Whilst many of these patterns are created either in utero and during the first 6 years of our life, the work of becoming aware of the patterns that are causing us pain and suffering is the work of a life-time. It is the work of the soul.

These patterns of belief, of the energy we create around our own life can seem impossible to break free from. They cause us pain, but like the child of the abusive parent, we are more comfortable within them, than the idea of changing them. However, sometime those patterns of experience will take us to a place that we know is no longer viable for us to stay in. We can feel the grip of their destructive influence over our lives and we are forced into some of the deepest and darkest places that our soul life, our inner life will ever take us. These are personal and profound journeys - and whilst they may seem unbearably painful, they are also offering us a key. A key to discover what it is that has been holding us captive for so long - without us even being aware of it.