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Duality Or Unity Consciousness?

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Duality can get a bit of a bad wrap at the moment! Everyone has jumped onto the ‘Unity’ bandwagon, and it’s not a surprise to me. Given that we live in a world of extreme poles. Of ‘division’ (which isn’t actually duality), and of ‘conflict’. A world which looks at things in black or white.

The interesting thing is, that duality is really all about how we see things! It is an opposing point of view.

Yes we can observe day and night as opposing poles. We may say "I love the night - I hate the day!", or vice-versa.

But in reality, our true experience of them is still an experience of unity.

Let’s just imagine for a moment that we don’t observe these two ‘poles’ simultaneously, and we don’t try to compare them (because we no longer see them as opposite). Imagine yourself moving through the day, from walking in the morning, through morning to noon and into the evening. Each part of the day we have different things to get done, and we travel where we need to be in each moment. As we experience our moments in the day they are part of a ‘free-flowing’ movement through a natural cycle. We only experience them as opposite when we compare them to one another; or when we take ourself 'out of this moment' by imagining ourself (or worse - by "wishing ourself") into a different part of the day instead of being present with what we are doing and being right now.

Duality is an illusion of the mind, when we take ourselves out of the NOW - and artificially move ourselves into another time and place. If we are totally focused on where we are, there can literally be no duality!

For several years I have referred to the MBD 12 Chakra Breathing Technique as ‘The Unity Breathing’ technique. It is true, it is designed to take us away from our duality experiences and move us towards an awareness of how it feels to be in a more unified experience of life. But this is not because ‘duality experience’ is ’bad’ per say!

In truth neither is good nor bad!

Life simply isn’t that simple, nor (thankfully) that boring! A life of unity alone would be non-dynamic, static and immovable! There would be no ‘experience’ at all! It would be a singular, non-illuminating existence.

So, yes. let’s become aware of the balance of our mind - of our Conscious Mind moving towards a unity of mind. Of our ability to move from a 'comparative', judgemental and potentially 'non-present' duality state, in to one of 'unity'. Where we can 'BE' within a singular, unified experience of pure presence.

But let us equally be mindful to acknowledge that one is not ‘better’ nor worse than the other.

That we require each fractional movement through the ‘whole’ to keep us in a perpetual state of ‘flow’; in order to fully experience our continual progression of altered ‘place’ and ‘time’.

This is our joy!

The gift of GAIA to all living inhabitants of the Earth!

The gift of TEMPORALITY that allows us to literally "Move" through all stages and cycles of life. This brings us new experiences and the ability to explore them on an unending wheel of change.

This change IS the "Flow of Life".

Without it, we simply exist in a see of continuity (which of course we DO exist in, even though we are having experiences of change within it!!)

Evolution, Love and Peace - is constant and yet flowing. Always, and only NOW.

Indeed as we chose to begin to work with the new tools that are helping us to evolve our own consciousness, it is important that we keep our sense of 'balance'. That we remain centred and focused, so as not to swing wildly from one extreme 'of being' to the other. This can happen when a person feels as though they have suddenly received tools to open them up to new spiritual experiences (which ‘Unity’ can often feel like)!

Remembering that all life on earth is a spiritual experience is key!

It took me a long time to really connect into my body and appreciate that my human, earthly life was a complete part of my spiritual experience. And to fully embrace that and begin to feel that I was truly connected to the earth!

It may sound strange, but making a real connection to the Earth can be a difficult thing to do for those who prefer a more spiritual or ‘non-physical’ version of life or of them-self! Yet it is a 'key' to truly embracing our spiritual nature - as human beings upon the earth!

If this feels like you, and you recognise your discomfort and unease of being in a physical body, then you may enjoy exploring this topic using colour as a tool for healing and rebalance!

If you would like to work more with this experience of grounding your spiritual self through your journey as part of Gaia, then you may like to take part in the Colour Mirrors course I will be running in the summer: 'The Grounded Spirit".

We will be exploring the CM Gaia bottles through this course.

Please register your interest with me.

Lastly, I want to share this recording of Kryon here talking about ‘duality’. This was his first topic to talk about in 2020!

I hope you find some inspiration in his message!

I love these talks and will share more of them as I am inspired to do so!!

Watch Kryon’s talk here:

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