Intuition & Emotional Presence - Part 1

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Who has it?

When does it surface?

And...Why is it not forever present at all times and in all places in our lives?

Moments of intuition have likely been experienced by many, if not all of us, at some time or another!

A strong 'directing' thought or a 'sense' or 'feeling' that we should be somewhere, do something or in some cases, and equally importantly - not be somewhere, or not do something specific!

Stories that uphold the ephemeral and slightly other-worldly experiences that are often linked to our intuition abound throughout society and seem to carry a magical and powerful weight.

What is Intuition?

Intuition is that aspect of 'knowing' or 'feeling' that we often immediately recognise as having been instrumental, perhaps when we made a snap decision to follow a gut reaction, or an unusual impulse. In addition, we often consider our intuition as guiding a decision that turned us towards a fortuitous and rewarding outcome, or helped us to avert a potential disaster! Either way, we ascribe a high degree of importance to that intuitive 'impulse' - precisely because we believe that it made a SIGNIFICANT difference to our path!

Intuition is that inner knowing, or a strong inner voice, that is so powerful as to be able to suddenly direct us away from the 'normal' patterns of our life. It may send us in a completely different direction to the one we are used to, or that we may have pre-planned, often with surprising and unexpected benefits as a result.

Myths and stories grow out of those intuitive experiences: perhaps we were saved from getting on a doomed flight, or we chose to miss an appointment with someone, who later turned out to be a mass murderer!

Are these extreme examples? Maybe! But there are plenty of people who have shared their personal accounts of these types of experiences who ascribe it to an intuition, a feeling or inner knowing. Where they followed this inner 'sight' or awareness, and where their decision to do so is later endorsed by fortuitous circumstances, there is a part of themselves which recognises that the 'directive' to do (or not to do) something important was not only vindicated - but almost a divine intervention.

As a child, I remember waking from a terrifying dream. I dreamt that I had been in a car crash with a red lorry. Every Saturday morning my parents and I would take a trip into the centre of London, as I studied as a junior at Trinity College of Music. I awoke and was terrified of the journey that lay ahead. I could not shake the fear, or the feeling of the dream, and so instead of getting dressed and ready to go, I instead went into my mothers bedroom and told her of my dream.

She looked at me with her mouth wide open, and after I finished she calmly said - "we won't go into London today!"

This was not what I had expected to hear from my telling her of my dream, but my fear was relieved immediately.

"Oh good! I'm relieved!" I told her.

However, I was intrigued! Why did she decide so quickly and without further questioning to accept my dream and not try to convince me that it was not real, and to go and get dressed?

So I asked her why...

"I too had a dream last night that we were in a car crash" she calmly told me.

To this day, we have no way of knowing if the day we never drove into London might have been a fateful one - but we are both still here - and can retell the tale. The story has an element of the supernatural about it! And our retelling of the story on occasion brings out the mysterious nature of how it is that we might all be connected through an unseen web that weaves through all life at all times!

Yes - this is the stuff that myths are created from - we can not yet verify our experiences of intuition scientifically, or measure the means by which we either created, or received that inner information; but these tales hold a strong resonance for many of us! Innately, we recognise the importance of the information we have received, and we apply a deep significance - a weight - to that information. We naturally sense that our intuitive experiences are illustrating to us that we do indeed hold extra-sensory and powerful abilities that defy our logical mind!

Intuition - means 'inner-teacher'

It is the voice of understanding and wider experience (that reaches beyond that of our immediate cognitive or conscious mind) that can sometimes surface from places that hold 'records' for us in deeper layers of our awareness.