Into the Matrix! The Divine Quantum Matrix...

Who hasn't seen the film that bends reality through entering a World built of programs within programs, where the pill we chose to swallow dictates the outcome of our experience in the Matrix itself?

In a way, entering the Divine Quantum Matrix is just like becoming a living part of that epic film! Except that we are the star in our own epic movie, as well as the director, the screen writer and the producer!

Indeed, in the work that I do, I continue to meet multiple people who are discovering that changing small moments of their unconscious 'data', and altering the connections between their thoughts and the unconscious patterns that were originally created and held in the unconscious reservoirs of their mind (during either small or large moments of trauma) can have a profound effect on matter: their biology and health - emotional, physical and mental!

The Mind Body Detective
Entering the Divine Quantum Matrix

The recognition that we are all connected to our past in ways which are moulding and influencing our current life situation is not at all strange to most of us!

We generally understand that our past moulds us into the person we are today...when we look deeper below the surface of who we are as an individual, we recognise that we have been created in the image of our parents, our families, our communities and our spiritual, social or ethnic blueprints.

But now, more than ever before upon the Planet, we are collectively pushing back the traditional boundaries of our past experiences and exploring what it means to traverse those boundaries and adopt new identities!

We are exploring new freedoms from our old traditions in so many ways, refusing to accept the conditions of the past, and choosing to extend our old perceptions of what is 'ok' for us to accept. We are expanding our personal and collective possibilities at an exceptionally fast rate. Possibly faster than at any other time in the history of the evolution of our Planet.

As we perceive our World as smaller, our ability to choose how we wish to express ourself and 'create' our experience of life is ever growing!

As part of this development there are more people than ever who are beginning to travel the frontiers and boundaries of 'self' than ever before. Recreating themselves as individuals, and redefining past ideas about what it means to be male, or female, or gender neutral, indeed what it is to be human!

We no longer live in a society that says that our Spiritual experiences have to remain under the singular majority religion of the locality - we are multi faith communities, and as such, that has allowed individuals to begin to look towards the secret interior life that makes up our Spiritual awareness in a much more open way than ever before.

As we explore the biological, emotional, social and spiritual languages of our differences, we can chose to look at what makes us different, or we can look deeper - and chose to look at what makes us so similar...

Exploring The DQM (Divine Quantum Matrix)

The Mind Body Detective DQM
Exploring The Divine Quantum Matrix

An exploration of time, space, personal and epigenetic imprints upon the DQM, and our personal bio-somatic library of living memories is a creative approach to changing how we see ourselves within the World, and how we 'show up' in the World.

The DQM protocol is a tool for exploring how our mind-body and spirit is co-ordinating and interpreting our thoughts and beliefs and our perceptions about ourself and others.

It is a way of re-writing the code within our cells, our mind and our heart. Helping us to consciously change old patterns and behaviours that no longer serve us well, and then allowing us to embody the new creative potential that we uncover within the DQM.

As we begin to look at our mind-body-emotions in a completely new way, and recreate ourselves and our possibilities; we may find ourselves entering aspects of our 'shadow' that we need to encounter, before we can truly let them go and emerge into