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Learning to Love even beyond the limits of Angels...

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Every time we find a new way to love through our pain and suffering, through the darkness of our greatest fears and through overcoming our judgments and our inner conflicts and traumas; every time we find a new way to love, we have raised the vibration and the capacity to love a little further.

Not only for ourselves, but for the whole of humanity.

For the whole of the universe, the cosmos and beyond…

The buddhists do not ‘pray’ for themselves, they pray for all of humanity - all of life, whether that life currently exists physically on this planet, or not.

When we discover the capacity of our hearts to love each living being unconditionally, to reach beyond the space that we currently inhabit, and send loving thoughts and prayers to encompass the whole of the world and beyond, to reach out through the matrix of time and realise that we are always connected to our past and future, our ancestors and our progeny; then we have discovered the truth and the power that resides within our hearts. The love that we hold as light beings, that we share throughout the Universe, is unbounded by time and space.

Greg Braden says in ‘The Isaiah Effect’ that we came here to learn to love beyond the limits even that the Angels know and understand love to be…

He and we may question ‘How can that be true?’

For many of us have felt and know what it is to feel the love of angels, and those of us who have not had an individual experience have heard stories, read books, or sensed through music what it feels like to understand or be within the energy of these light beings…for we are aware that when we do so, it is their love, compassion and light which defines them for us…

So how can we, mere mortals, rise above the level of love that the Angels themselves express…how can that even be possible?

I cry this question out to the heavens, especially when I see the level of pain and carnage that as humans we are also capable of…inflicted both upon ourself at the level of self-hate and derision and inflicted upon others through our judgments, both internally and externally directed. We inflict such judgments in the name of God, or Country, or Power, or through our own inability to see ourselves as the truly beautiful divine personages we really are…

Then I receive a flash of light in my mind and an awareness of how we, as children of the light, as pure light-beings, are able to ascend to touch the love of even the Angels, and yes - move even beyond that degree of love.

Christ says that anyone can love someone close to themselves - their children, or family members. He says that the true measure of love comes when we ‘love our enemies’. Although this may seem to be such a harsh and painful impossibility, especially for those suffering loss and physical aggression, attack or injury from another - it is precisely this journey through such darkness - through such pain and fear - that allows us to ascend beyond the ability to love that even Angels can display.

For Angels will love without judgment, as it is the only vibration that they are capable of expressing. They see us all as parts of the same spark of love and light that created all life - as part of the One, of the All, of God, of Source.

However you name it, Angels are aware of the vibration of love that exists within each of us, our true nature and the degree of pain that we ALL experience, even when we have fallen so far from that original spark of light that we seem to have extinguished all light within us. Of course that is a judgment that we, as humans bestow upon each other. It is not the judgment that God, or Source, or even Angels bestow upon us.

Angels see that love vibration within us all and know it is the deepest desire for us all to return to that place of light, of joy of peace.

They see us as the Warriors of light that we ALL truly are - the Warriors who agreed to venture into the darkest experiences of loss, of separation, of fear. Even those who have perpetrated the worst, most abominable crimes, who we see and judge as having descended to the lowest form of human life - have created the darkest places that provide others the opportunity to experience darkness and pain, in order that we might choose to ascend and move beyond the limits of that pain, through our choice to love and forgive.

At no time has this felt so poignant as now.

It is difficult to practice unconditional love and forgiveness when we are faced with a faceless ‘enemy’ who is attacking and murdering others in the name of God.

If Angels exist on a level whereby they are operating in direct connection to the energy of love that is directed via God, or Source - they are without judgment and capacity to choose to do wrong. They are completely obedient and operate in service to God. They do not operate within the realms of ‘free will’ that we have been given as humans…this is a huge distinction…

For it is part of our journey to move through the darkness and to re-emerge into the light - to navigate the turmoil and treacherous currents that our life navigates us toward, by our own choice, is that which sets us apart.

This is what defines us as children of the light...

That through the power of our faith and our hearts, we might return once again to the light, when we overcome that pain - through the power of love.

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