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Legacy of the 4 Blood Red Moon Energy

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

The Blood Red Moon

The Full moon holds a strong feminine energy and is often used in ritual and magic for its powerful activating energy principles that draw upon this energy.

The Full Moon is the illumination of the feminine energy principle which is only evidenced when the masculine energy principle is flowing; more importantly - it is flowing back TOWARDS the feminine, or more precisely, back towards the 'Central point of creation'!

It is the energy that heralds the ''return' of the Warrior, the active aspect of ourselves that ventures outward into the unknown, coming home with new found resources, expanded boundaries and information.

Importantly in the Red Moon, the Earth itself introduces the energy of her physical body into the interplay between masculine and feminine, active and passive, movement and stillness; the Earth reminds us of our Earthly purpose and reminds us that we are both inextricably spiritual and physical, inescapably we are both one and the other. We are existing here, upon the Earth for a definite period in time and space, and we have a reason, a meaning and a purpose to all of our lives!

These powerful series of 4 red moons, which began on the April 2014 Blood Red Moon, brought the Energy of this New higher vibrating Earth - the Golden Earth - and flooded the planet with the energy that our old cells were waiting to activate. A reminder that we are held within the eternal dance of the masculine and feminine, which is the never ending dance of creation itself, but that we are now being called to re-address that balance, which has been slightly out of kilter but that we have accepted as 'normal' over many thousands of years. We are hearing the heartbeat of the Golden Earth, who is calling us to reactivate the power of the divine feminine. This is not a call for people who I lovingly might refer to as 'hippies', nor for the feminist or sexual revolutionaries. Although all of these are acting and reacting in some way to this energetic need we feel to readdress the balance of masculine and feminine as we experience it upon our planet now. Of course this 'energy dance' plays out in all of its forms, within society, within our sexual identies, within our personal relationship dynalics, within the inner balance that we experience of masculine or feminine within our interior life. Many of us can understand that we have our own 'relationship' to what we think of as masculine, or feminine; mother or father relationships; patriarchical or matriarchical social or family networks; and we have positive or negative emotions and experiences that may relate to our experiences within any of these areas.

The energy of the New Golden Earth is not about a call to arms in order to 'fight' our way to a rebalance. It is not a war that can be won on the external battlefield - although of course, there were extrnal and social battles that have and were fought in order that women have the freedom to vote and to work and to receive equal pay and rights as men; we can see that those battles are still being fought across the planet and in other areas today - Malala Yousafzai is a prime example of this, and has brought the remaining fear-filled views and actions of some individual observers of a particular faith or culture to the attention of the World. She embodies a strong and persistent non-violent battle for the acceptance of the feminine in places that are still holding old energy patterns and ideaoligies that are at odds with this rebalance of the feminine within our society.

The new energy that is now so essential for us to explore and to integrate is not only social, but is to be found in that balance of the dynamic interplay of the feminine and masculine energies within our own physical bodies.

In fact this is the real 'battle'!

It is the battle that should be fought in love and kindness.

It is one whereby we may need to allow ourselves to accept the darkness and the pains that we have experienced on so many levels within our own psychology and biology. We have these painful aspects of the wounded masculine or feminine within our own life experience - memories of wrong doing, or of complete 'loss' of one or other of our influencing male or female caretakers will create wounds within us that may need to be faced and addressed in order to find a peaceful resolution and balance of these energies.

Along with our own experiences, we may also be holding onto all of the old patterns, pain and fears of our parents, and their parents...we may be just one person on the end of a long line of pained or injured women or men that have felt pain and suffering due to the social, sexual or emotional / energetic imbalance of masculine nad / or feminine energy.

In terms of 'energy awareness', we may recognising the interplay of both the energy of activation or 'doing' and the energy of contemplation or 'being'. Both of which are 'aspects' of either masculine or feminine energy that we must attend to and reballance within our own inner and outer life!

In the balance of these two poles, we will find a new inner calm and resilience that will allow us to see all parts of our environment, our potential 'landscape' - both inner and outer; as we perceive it to be in the moment, and as we perceive its potential to become. We will see that all potentiality exists exactly where we currently reside, and we will be able to access every possibility and make calm and deliberate choices about what we might choose tp do and even 'if' we might choose to do!

It will allow us to become the surveyors of our potential and our opportunities, the 'observer' that Ekhart Tolle describes in 'The Power of Now'.

The New Golden Earth is waiting to support us as we look to reawaken and integrate the rebalance of the divine feminine principle within, but with the calm inner certainty of knowing who we are because of our divine masculine energy principle, that equally allows us to explore and expand ourselves.

We are learning to allow ourself the grace of reflective contemplation - the guilty pleasure of non-action, of learning what it is to 'be' and not 'do'.

There is a strong vibration within the base chakra as we allow ourselves to become consciously aware of this activation energy. It is powerfully activated through the colour Red, which is energising and activating the base chakra. It is an important part of our new energy dynamic that we completely 'connect' with the Earth and the network of support and transformation that is possible when we are fully aware of and connected to the energy of the Earth - our collective energy centre!

The combined unity of Moon, Sun and Earth create a trinity which is assuring us of our Divinity and our Physicallity all at once - it is an assurance that we are being held safely in the physicallity of our Earth, and a call to recognise that the Earth too is part of our process of evolution, which is in itself a search and aspiration towards ballance and harmony. A return to Unity.

Soul Incantation from the first of the Sacred trine of Blood Red Moon's: 2015-16

This is a video of a personal soul healing that used both sound and light language as part of the healing process.

I call the combined sound and light language process a 'Soul Incantation'.

This video is not a 'perfected' video of colour and sound, rather it is a 'journey' that I am sharing of an energetic awakening and healing process.

The soundtrack at the beginning of the video is called “face yourself” – the clicks that are heard throughout the sound track are because the recordings of the light language that sit 'within' the track were made in real time and with no editing – the sounds you hear include drinking of Anchi Crystal Moon Essence and thymus thumps that occurred during the process of the healing.

During the final Blood Red Moon (October 2016) I created several Crystal Moon Essences.

These hold the vibration of the completion of the Blood Red Moon Trine - and help to entrain this energy within our physical bodies on a cellular level.

Fragments of whispers

After each Soul Incantation, I often feel as if I have been taken into a different realm of consciousness - and after the session is complete, I may feel that I want to write some words in response to how I am feeling. It is an 'instant' format, or download to the journey I have just completed. The words will simply land upon the paper and reflect to me something of the energy within which I am vibrating.

Thoughts, ideas, fragments of whispers - they are often interesting and illuminating to some degree for those who I may choose to share them with, and who have received an incantation.

These fragments came from this particular session:

"We are more than we think we are.

We are learning to open our hearts to our true potential

When we do this we make ourselves vulnerable

But we are not able to embrace our full potential until we uncover and face the darkest and most fearful parts of our selves!

Hidden within these parts are our most precious gifts

The Golden alchemy of being is hidden within the darkest aspects of our self."

"The Anchi Crystal is calling to reset that biological pattern

To reconnect with the first blueprint of the calling of our Spirit into actualisation

We still hold this memory and it echoes and reflects our original purpose back to us.

This is not a step backwards, but a return to our essence with a new energy and knowledge.

This is the sum of the learning and growth that we have endeavoured to transmute since our first steps here on the planet.

Now is the harvest.

Now is our rebirth."

“Here it is – we are facing the dark knowing of the souls moment

In time we are captive

In the echo of the halls of eternity

Your soul spirit is waiting to find you!

Here in the path to that knowing lies the secret you hide from

The fear is pulsating within your veins

But the violet wing of freedom is waiting

To set your new biological code alight and send your Soul souring”

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