Mistrusting of Men? An Energy Session

Updated: 3 days ago

Today I shared a blog on the Colour Energy Day (Looking at the Colour mirrors Bottles Nos. 27 + 9)!

In this post I want to share with you a powerful energy session that correlated so strongly with that energy reading - and is a part of my own story of reconciling the deep wounds of the divine masculine and the divine feminine.

In this re-telling of the 'story' I will colour the characters and the patterns to bring the essence of the work into your mind. But it is always an important point to remember that when we do this work - the story is embellishment. It is only the bones of the thing.

But the real impact of the energy work is in everything that the bones holds together - the tissues and the meat of it! These are the colours and the vibrations, the hopes and the emotions that underpin the energy patterns of the thing, moving beyond the story and into the key components that keep the story alive in our ancient memory banks and active in our cells - it is this that really brings the story to life and keeps it 'locked' into our cells in the here and now.

In the energy sessions we change these colours and vibrations, and make new associations - changing the story, and turning the page to a new chapter in our life...

The young lady who I saw was working on past life issues and her experiences of disempowerment.

We will call her Margaret.

There had been many lives lived which had expressed these themes, and we were getting down into the depths of this when she came to me with a realisation that she "didn't trust men".

She had a general 'unease' around most men in her life - men who had not overly hurt or abused her, men who she loved, and yet could never feel completely relaxed with.

She had never felt completely relaxed around men she acknowledged - generally preferring the company of women for some reason.

She was married and had children. Her marriage was OK - stable. Comfortable: like an old slipper she laughed!

We began to tap around "not trusting men".

Almost immediately the image of a young twenty year old monk appeared. He was dressed in typical medieval attire. A brown sack-type clothing and a bowl-cut hair style.

He seemed to be begging for something - forgiveness it seemed.

Margaret immediately began to feel uncomfortable and said he had to leave, but he was 'key' to everything that was about to follow.

The history of work we have done together makes Margaret very comfortable in her sessions and very connected to her intuition and an inner voice that directs her sessions.

Mistrust and fear were becoming more evident, and we worked on those emotions whilst simultaneously, Margaret became aware of a very young boy (around ten years old) who was curled into a foetal position, and completely withdrawn and disconnected from the world.

This was the aspect that we would work with, and it became clear that the monk had been involved in abusive activities, which the young boy was unable to let go of. He was unable to even accept the possibility that he was a beautiful and perfect soul, he was unable to love and accept himself as he was - and we had to gently and carefully work with him to increase his resilience in accepting himself first and foremost. She had taken him onto her lap to tap on him in the matrix, as he lay curled up in the foetal position for several more rounds of tapping.

In this place of healing and comfort, as he began to slowly unfurl his small body, he asked that angels surround him and Margaret saw layers of Angels about them, their white light glowing and a gentleness engulfed them. He needed to hear them sing to him, he was still so unsure about uncurling further and opening up. As they sung, his small body began to surrender as the sounds washed over him.

Interestingly, Margaret noticed that he began to uncurl slowly, and when asked what he needed, it was a deep navy blanket that was wrapped around him as he unfolded his body. He also wanted to see the golden light of the angels pouring through the white light that they were emitting - and for a few moments they lay engulfed in this deep blue and gold energy. Pouring into his cells, he now seemed to be growing in size and no longer needed to be on Margarets lap.

Margaret reported that for a moment the monk had again appeared in the periphery - wanting to come into the scene - but the young boy still did not want to be near him, or see him. We decided that it was not our work this day to integrate the monk. But there was a moment of realisation that occurred with his re-entry.r

No-one acts in isolation - we all act on and evolve from the combination of our experiences - and both Margaret and I recognised the strong possibility that this monk was not only the abuser, but also the abused. He was searching for a forgiveness, but that was not yet to be a part of this healing journey.