So What does rebalancing the Divine Feminine mean anyway?

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Original Post from Sep 8 ,2015: changed & extended on April 9, 2017

The reason the Divine Feminine is being highlighted at this time, is because we have all been living and operating in a World where most societies have been actively operating within a masculine energy bias!

That is not a condemnation of the masculine energetic principle as a whole, but a recognition that we have, for a long time, elevated the masculine principle above and beyond the feminine principle, and our collective social psyche commends acting upon the energetic principles of the masculine, whilst quietly condems the feminine.

For a long time, it has been more revered and respected to

  • ‘Act’ rather than to ‘reflect’

  • Overcome rather than align

  • To control rather than to surrender

  • To expand rather than to contract

  • To initiate movement, rather than to remain in stillness

Learning from other Cultures

There are some societies that still retain a balance between the masculine and feminine principle, and these are rare, and generally in remote, less ‘developed’ areas of the World.

When you watch this video, consider the actions that are documented in terms of the expression of the masculine and feminine energetic principles. The documentary shows how a remote tribe were forced to adopt the masculine principles of our society, in order to protect themselves. Before the introduction of 'prospectors' into their forest, they had no idea about boundaries - they could move throughout the whole of their forest without restriction. The invaders disrespected their home forest lands in their search for gold and created disruption and even destroyed whole areas of the environment. The Waiapi Indians have had to learn to create 'boundaries' that they previously never had, and have been required to adopt our ideas in order to defend themselves and their homelands.

We have much to learn from these societies – as they are operating in a far more balanced eco-system than ours. Their internal and social balance of the masculine and feminine principles allows them to 'expand' only to the extent that is required, and to withdraw and respect their environment in a delicate dance of balance that requires action, but only to the degree required; movement and then stillness. This is the respect required within the dance of the Divine masculine and feminine - one requires the other in order to create a balanced and harmonious 'whole'.

We have manifested and live in a society that is reaping the rewards, and the penalties of an overly empowered male principle, which although required in the creative manifestation of life, can if left unrestrained, become like a crazed child in a sweet shop - acting without limits and without supervision.

If the Divine Masculine energetic principle came first in the act of creation, in order to create movement - and experience existance beyond itself, the Divine Feminine energy principle was required to bring balance and a sense of purpose through the reflective and internal processes of the feminine. Of retunring to the still, center point. Only the sensitive and respectful interplay of these energies can allow for purposeful and sustainable expansion and growth.

As well as being evident in society at large, this imbalance in the masculine and the feminine energy system is evident within ourselves as individuals.

In our daily interactions, we are always moving from one ‘side’ of our masculine or feminine energy system to the other – we are always in a state of either projecting outwards and acting within our masculine energy or we are retreating inwards, in order to receive and reflecting within our feminine energy. This is the difference between reflective thinking, or creative thinking - otherwise we might call this 'pondering',