Podcast 001 Transcript: Sound & Connecting to your Inner Rhythms

An Introduction to Sound

Every thought, every word, has its form!

Sound alone, is free from form.

Every word of poetry forms a picture in our mind.

But sound alone, does not make any object appear before us.

Movement of Sound Wave
Sound has no external form

Sound comes before music.

Music before language.

Language is the crafting of sign and symbol and meaning and feeling, created into the form of sound.

The whole of nature is breathing - not only the living creatures - but all of nature!

We trend to try to listen into what we hear the loudest, and often in the process of doing this, we tune out and find we forget, or miss, those sounds which are softer, quieter.

We tend to judge that which we see and hear but there are things we do not see, and do not hear. But they exist none the less!

Beauty is the inspiration of sound, of music.

Communication and connection, the inspiration of language.


As we explore and define and experience the 'sense' of beauty, we also bring in a binary experience. That experience of ourself, and our 'inner world' against the experience of our 'outer world'. - that which we see outside of ourselves, and we begin to notice that we are in reference to other things, people, places, other events, other objects…

We become aware of ourselves as separate from these and through that, our exploration of beauty also becomes one of difference, of comparison and an exploration of inner and outer, of self and other.

And through this exploration, we may sometimes encounter moments of conflict! Moments when our ideals, or our experiences of beauty somehow do not ‘fit’ inside the idea, or the construct of beauty that we ‘imagined’ originally. And we have an experience of conflict between our inner and our outer experience. Between a past experience and a present experience and there is a conflict of information.

But though this conflict there is the opportunity to explore what it is to be different, to be ‘internal’ or ‘external’, to be connected, to be separated.

To explore the experience of what it is to be ‘self’.

To be individual.

To be the “I”.

Sound as Exploration & Movement

Sound is the movement of our exploration.

It is the first expression of that 'feeling' and that 'being' of our internal nature, which comes to explore itself!

To express itself.

The sound we make - our voice - is an exploration of our inner world, which we seek to express outwardly - to try to make a connection to the outer world.

To try to understand and explore our inner world. and to somehow replicate or share that information to another person, being, environment.

Sound was the original form of communication.

It does not need any symbol, awareness or understanding.

It comes from a place of primal experience.

A primal need to explore and connect...

To express.

To allow for a movement from the singular “I” within ourselves, to the expanded set of people and places.

To the external environment.

To that which is outside of us.