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Tapping on a Global Fear

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

"I've had the most strange energy today - a 'pacing' energy - feeling like a cat on a hot tin roof!!

I Wondered why I felt this...

Tonight I see the news - and there it all is - playing out right in front of me. And I now understand where and why this came up today.

Let us not lose our hope, our love and let us continue to send out that energy of peace, even in such turmoil, when we might feel such hopelessness and confusion."

Today was a strange day.

I felt this 'pacing' energy - feeling like a cat on a hot tin roof!

I noticed it - it had me on edge and was persistent.

I wondered, in an interested and curious manner, why was I feeling this?

So I spent some time tapping on it.

First I noticed an energy blockage in my higher heart and noticed that it extended upwards to my throat.

I wondered what the emotion was - 'anger' apparently!

I felt no raw anger in my body, but there it was in my conscious awareness now - anger in my higher heart and throat.

So I tapped on it more.

What was behind that? I gently pondered...

The strangest energy rose up - and I found myself recognising 'the fear of death' just behind all that anger.

So I continued tapping.

This fear had come from nowhere, there was no trigger I could recognise that had happened in my day. As I tapped my way through the energy of this 'fear of death' I recognised no personal event or memory surface with it.

But it felt BIG.

It felt like it stretched a long way back, and it felt like it spread in all directions and through many pathways.

So I continued...tap, tap, tap...

Where, I wondered would this 'fear of death' energy no longer be a conflict?

I did the work and began to connect to the most beautiful pale pink that flowed through me, like a river, moving to my throat, thymus and heart.

Like soft mallow, a soft whisper of cloud-like colour poured through me - and the 'fear of death' energy dissipated and I was filled with such a soft loving energy.

It travelled through me and into the Earth, where I asked her to send it throughout the whole earth and to all living beings.

Once finished, I felt so calm and at peace.

The Power of 'tapping' into our emotions

The beauty of this work, is not just the emotional consequence in its profound and impactful evolution from a conflicted state to a resolved and peaceful one; but it is also the ability of the work to take us from feeling disempowered in our own experience of life itself!

Because when we are overwhelmed with emotional energies that we cannot understand, we we find ourselves in a place where we do not know how to act appropriately. We often find ourselves 'reacting' in a way that we are later unhappy about, but which we feel powerless to change in the moment that we in the heat of the emotion itself.

Plus - we are bombarded not only by the overwhelming power of the emotion itself - but by our own insecurities and fears that are built around our own inability to comprehend where these powerful emotions have came from, why we are experiencing them, or what to do about them...

When we 'tap' we are able to automatically address half of this conflict. As if we can 'catch' the emotion as it emerges, and if we can begin to do something (even as seemingly 'odd' as tapping on the emotion), we have 'acknowledged' the emotion - and have actively engaged in honouring it! Therefore half of the issue - the bit about not knowing what to do, or how to behave, and feeling powerless in the face of our own overwhelm, is automatically addressed! Leaving only the matter of the emotion itself as the issue at hand.

Our own ability to self-manage is a powerful tool in itself, and provides the 'pressure valve' for the rest of the change work to happen.

The Fear of Death

Fear of Death is probably a pretty deep fear that is carried by many people. Whilst we do not go around talking about it - it is likely in the back of many minds.

Of course, a general fear of death is probably healthy to an extent - it is what keeps us alive when we are in dangerous situations. It is what helps us err on the side of caution and apply measures of reasonable safety into our everyday lives; otherwise we might all be stepping out in front of passing cars on the main road without a care of whether we arrived at the other side of the road in one piece!

But beyond that general need to remain alive, the fear of death can indeed be an undercurrent that keeps us locked into a fearful state and may even stop us from 'stepping out' and engaging in life in a more actively constructive way.

A fear of death may not stop you from dying

But it may stop you from LIVING!

I have found that this fear may lie under many other issues that rise up before the fear of death surfaces.

Subconsciously we may be reacting to other issues with this fundamental and primal fear sitting behind it.

For example, many issues where we may feel unable to act, to be able to stand up, or to speak up may be initiated by this deep fear, founded on either the real, or imagined idea that what we might do or say could be potentially 'life threatening' to us on some deep level.

Consciously, we are not often aware of this way of thinking, but unconsciously our mind is doing all of that for us, so that we don't HAVE to be consciously aware of it (it is how our mind is looking after our best interests, while still leaving our 'thinking mind' in a state where we can live a reasonably 'normal' life).

However, for some people, the fear of death is something they are far more aware of - with continual thoughts that worry them about all sorts of situations: either concerns about their own death, or even overly compulsive thoughts about the death of loved ones!

Global Concerns

When we are observing and experiencing life from our compassionate heart, it can be very difficult to observe death without having an emotional response, even when we do not know the victims personally.

Recently, we are more and more aware of what many people might consider 'needless' and 'brutal' deaths caused by individuals or even some Country or World leaders who are bartering with peoples lives on a daily basis, in order to gain some extra land, or score an advantage within the battles they are fighting within their own ideologies based on power, faith or ownership (of a place, or a people, or anything they may consider an 'object' they believe is theirs to own).

At the end of this day, after doing the work of tapping on the 'fear of death', I put on the TV to see that President Trump had reacted to the Syrian situation by launching a missile attack.

As I saw the news I let out a sigh - and suddenly my "pacing - cat on a hot tin roof" energy made sense!


We are all part of the energy which is manifesting and reacting to the events that are taking place at this time.

There is death on our screens - anger and condemnation on so many fronts - each side becoming more and more angry and aggressive from their own perspective.

And the World watches on - in fear, in anger - adding to the emotional charge that is circulating across the globe right now.

At this point in our evolution - we have some choices to make - and I recognised that I had been linked into that energy of fear, death and anger all day. Without knowing the source, it was riding across the airwaves. The unease palpable!

So what can we do about it?

Without judgement of any of these options being right, or wrong / good or bad, here are some suggestions:

  • We can sit and be angry, watch the events unfold, and remain a passive observer. Whatever the outcomes are, observers are always important, as they hold the account of events within the memory of space / time.

  • We can scream and maybe become politically active: this is an important act that can be a catalyst for change within the physical world

  • We can be aware of the energy that is held in the situation, and our own energy body: because we are a part of the 'whole' energetic response to events as they unfold.

When we direct our energy consciously, with a mind which remains calm, present and non-judgemental, we can connect with the energy of the event, whether within our own mind-body response, or within the collective 'field' that runs across the globe.

We can connect into that energy and deal with it in the same way that we would clear our own energetic and emotional conflicts, by recognising the emotion, the energy conflict, and by honouring it, in order to release it.

This release is not a discounting of the emotion or the energy event, but a 'freeing' of it.

Allowing us to move forwards into a place of action that is no longer based in fear, but in 'love', or in whichever energy or emotion that you find emerges for you during your personal healing of your experience of the conflict.

In energy work, we understand that what we perceive and create will eventually manifest into the physical world.

In this we recognise and acknowledge our true inner power, and we are at once freed from the tyranny of those who would otherwise inflict fear, pain and death upon us all.

Man's search for meaning - LOVE

Viktor Frankl describes how it is the power of thinking, and the ability to reconnect to our most intimate experiences with a positive emotional connection which returns us to ourselves and the highest purpose of our life.

He describes this moment of realisation, when he realises the importance and the power that 'LOVe' contains so completely and profoundly in this autobiographical account of how he survived life in Auschwitz POW camp during World War 2

"...we stumbled on in the darkness...the accompanying guards kept shouting at us and driving us with the butts of their riffles...the man marching next to me whispered suddenly: "if our wives could see us now!"...that brought thoughts of my own wife to mind.

A thought transfixed me: for the first time in my life I saw the truth as it is set into song by so many poets, proclaimed as the final wisdom by so many thinkers. The truth - that love is the ultimate and the highest goal to which man can aspire. Then i grasped the meaning of the greatest secret that human poetry and human thought and belief have to impart: the salvation of man is through love and in love. I understood how a man who has nothing left in this world still may know bliss, be it only for a brief moment, in the contemplation of his beloved. In a position of utter desolation, when man cannot express himself in positive action, when his only achievement may consist in enduring his sufferings in the right way - an honourable way - in such a position man can, through loving contemplation of the image he carries of his beloved, achieve fulfilment."

Viktor Frankl: Man's search for meaning

We are all powerful creators - we can chose to be drawn into the drama of fear that may be unfolding before our eyes and taking a hold of our hearts; or we can remember that, just as Viktor did, we can chose to access a whole other set of emotions and change the energy and the felt 'outcome' of the event. For even though we may not be able to change the actual physical event - when we change how we see it, our life, and the lives of those around us can profoundly change. And as a ripple moving out across a pond, that change of view and of felt emotion, can be felt further out and beyond the time and the place that it was originally created.

Lastly, I would add, that in the ability to use both tapping and the power of colour in such a mindful and positive way, we have powerful and 'free' gifts.

When we learn to use these gifts with our inner creative dialogue, we are able to take these gifts with us anywhere - and create a powerful and new experience in how we chose to react to the things that may previously have caused us to be afraid, to be filled with anxiety and fear.

For as long as we have our mind and our body, our creative ability to chose and embody our choices, we are able to access and use these gifts, and through this power of personal creation, we can shape the World anew, with the energy of LOVE.

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