Tapping on a Global Fear

Updated: 3 days ago

"I've had the most strange energy today - a 'pacing' energy - feeling like a cat on a hot tin roof!!

I Wondered why I felt this...

Tonight I see the news - and there it all is - playing out right in front of me. And I now understand where and why this came up today.

Let us not lose our hope, our love and let us continue to send out that energy of peace, even in such turmoil, when we might feel such hopelessness and confusion."

Today was a strange day.

I felt this 'pacing' energy - feeling like a cat on a hot tin roof!

I noticed it - it had me on edge and was persistent.

I wondered, in an interested and curious manner, why was I feeling this?

So I spent some time tapping on it.

First I noticed an energy blockage in my higher heart and noticed that it extended upwards to my throat.

I wondered what the emotion was - 'anger' apparently!

I felt no raw anger in my body, but there it was in my conscious awareness now - anger in my higher heart and throat.

So I tapped on it more.

What was behind that? I gently pondered...

The strangest energy rose up - and I found myself recognising 'the fear of death' just behind all that anger.

So I continued tapping.

This fear had come from nowhere, there was no trigger I could recognise that had happened in my day. As I tapped my way through the energy of this 'fear of death' I recognised no personal event or memory surface with it.

But it felt BIG.

It felt like it stretched a long way back, and it felt like it spread in all directions and through many pathways.

So I continued...tap, tap, tap...

Where, I wondered would this 'fear of death' energy no longer be a conflict?

I did the work and began to connect to the most beautiful pale pink that flowed through me, like a river, moving to my throat, thymus and heart.

Like soft mallow, a soft whisper of cloud-like colour poured through me - and the 'fear of death' energy dissipated and I was filled with such a soft loving energy.

It travelled through me and into the Earth, where I asked her to send it throughout the whole earth and to all living beings.

Once finished, I felt so calm and at peace.

The Power of 'tapping' into our emotions

The beauty of this work, is not just the emotional consequence in its profound and impactful evolution from a conflicted state to a resolved and peaceful one; but it is also the ability of the work to take us from feeling disempowered in our own experience of life itself!

Because when we are overwhelmed with emotional energies that we cannot understand, we we find ourselves in a place where we do not know how to act appropriately. We often find ourselves 'reacting' in a way that we are later unhappy about, but which we feel powerless to change in the moment that we in the heat of the emotion itself.

Plus - we are bombarded not only by the overwhelming power of the emotion itself - but by our own insecurities and fears that are built around our own inability to comprehend where these powerful emotions have came from, why we are experiencing them, or what to do about them...

When we 'tap' we are able to automatically address half of this conflict. As if we can 'catch' the emotion as it emerges, and if we can begin to do something (even as seemingly 'odd' as tapping on the emotion), we have 'acknowledged' the emotion - and have actively engaged in honouring it! Therefore half of the issue - the bit about not knowing what to do, or how to behave, and feeling powerless in the face of our own overwhelm, is automatically addressed! Leaving only the matter of the emotion itself as the issue at hand.

Our own ability to self-manage is a powerful tool in itself, and provides the 'pressure valve' for the rest of the change work to happen.

The Fear of Death

Fear of Death is probably a pretty deep fear that is carried by many people. Whilst we do not go around talking about it - it is likely in the back of many minds.

Of course, a general fear of death is probably healthy to an extent - it is what keeps us alive when we are in dangerous situations. It is what helps us err on the side of caution and apply measures of reasonable safety into our everyday lives; otherwise we might all be stepping out in front of passing cars on the main road without a care of whether we arrived at the other side of the road in one piece!