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The Voiceless

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

The Voiceless

We are the silent ones.

Those who do not want to make waves

who are trying to remain unseen


We have all partaken of the sacrament that has taught us

‘Don’t make a nuisance or raise your head above the milieu’

So crows the dark internal mocker:

"Why would you honour your own inner voice?

Calling out

To be loved

To be cared for

To be true to your own wants, desires and needs?

Have you not fully learnt the lessons that have taught

that to honour oneself is too




It is dangerous!

Through many moments

each a lifetime

we have learnt to sit

seemingly forever within our own silence

in fear of what our own voices might bring




Sisters and brothers

Haven't we learnt our lessons well!

We have played our part

and drawn every memory within our cell catalytics

To the point of our fullest expansion

until we no longer question

our own silence

Our own acceptance

of the dissolving nature of our inner cantor

Held in the Church of our Soul

Each word sits frozen

in time and space

waiting to be released

and born into a new reality

The expression of each true nature





Yet still we hear the silent call

Aching within

Bone, marrow, sinew

calling out to our forebears

remember me

claim me

honour me

For NOW is the time

To reclaim our first state

To recall our first song

To be reborn as new

upon the alter of the origin of our first cell

We are practicing to become

But need to learn to be

We are searching for our safety

But non exists

We are fleeting and ephemeral

Powerful and eternal

When we loose our voice we loose our power!

The power to reach out to others, to express ourselves fully and eventually we even loose contact with our own sense of self - who we are and what we want.

Feeling alone, misunderstood, unable to stand up for ourself or generally feeling lost and unsure of what to do or how to move forward in life are key indicators along with many other aspects of ill health including eye, ears nose and throat problems.

I was hypothyroid for twenty years, until a couple of years ago, when I trained in Meta Health Analysis and learnt that each individual physical symptom has an emotional, psychological and spiritual aspect that has triggered the biological response!

The cells of our body are responding to the stimulus and the beliefs that we are carrying which create how we act and react to the world around us.

Whether we will laugh or cry, feel pain or exhilleration when we have an emotional response to a situation is part of our cultural and historical experience - as well as a culmination of the personal individualised experiences which we have already had.

Understanding the emotional root cause of my hypothyroidism (through Meta Health Analysis) and locating the moment that the trauma occured which changed my biological cell responses and initiated the hypothyroidism was a major turning point in my understanding of my illness and MOST IMPORTANTLY my ability to change how I choose to respond to similar emotional triggers and patterns that were still occuring in my life - twenty years later.

Clearing the energy and emotion around the original trauma was only the first part of my healing, as the awareness of how that set of triggers and my emotional responses to them was the next part of the journey.

I learned to recognise the patterns that were connected to my hypothyroid disorder and was able to employ EFT or other energy techniques to change the way I had always responded to them in the past.

I am now Hypothyroid free and my thyroid gland has rebuilt new tissue and is now functioning within normal limits after 20 years of being in 'disorder'. (Actually I had Hashimotos, and part of the thyroid tissue had been destroyed by my own auto-immune system after I had my first daughter).

Learning EFT and HeartMath techniques are two simple methods that will empower you to change how you respond emotionally to the triggers that are causing you pain and creating illness in your life.

Let me help you rekindle your inner voice and passion in life.

Contact me to learn about 1-to-1 coaching sessions, or to register your interest in training in EFT, or other energy techniques such as EMO, Colour Mirrors or Crystal Moon Essences.

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