The Voiceless

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The Voiceless

We are the silent ones.

Those who do not want to make waves

who are trying to remain unseen


We have all partaken of the sacrament that has taught us

‘Don’t make a nuisance or raise your head above the milieu’

So crows the dark internal mocker:

"Why would you honour your own inner voice?

Calling out

To be loved

To be cared for

To be true to your own wants, desires and needs?

Have you not fully learnt the lessons that have taught

that to honour oneself is too




It is dangerous!

Through many moments

each a lifetime

we have learnt to sit

seemingly forever within our own silence

in fear of what our own voices might bring




Sisters and brothers

Haven't we learnt our lessons well!

We have played our part

and drawn every memory within our cell catalytics

To the point of our fullest expansion

until we no longer question

our own silence

Our own acceptance

of the dissolving nature of our inner cantor

Held in the Church of our Soul

Each word sits frozen

in time and space

waiting to be released

and born into a new reality

The expression of each true nature